The Best Accounting Software for your Business


POS Software offers a variety of features that help businesses manage their accounting such as the following:

  • Auto generation of financial accounts such as sales, purchase, and petty cash accounts and so on.
  • The financial accounting module is integrated to all other core modules such as sales and customer accounts thus making automatic entries in the requisite accounts whenever a transaction is recorded in the system.
  • Being a state of the art accounting software, POS Software also allows businesses to integrate bank account details and perform banking transactions.
  • Accounting books and ledgers can be maintained with the help of this software and balance sheets and profit and loss accounts too can be generated within a few clicks.

POS Software Financial Accounting Features

  • POS software offers complete financial accounting along with billing and inventory management.
  • Auto generation of certain financial accounts when you get started with POS Software. For example: sales account, purchase account, petty cash account, customer account, supplier account.
  • When a document is created, for example: sales invoice – A financial transaction with credit to sales account and debit to customer’s account gets effected automatically.
  • Being an accounting software solution, POS Software also lets you create your own financial account like electricity bill account, water bill account apart from auto generated accounts.
  • Categorization of each account in two types is possible: Profit & Loss or Balance Sheet account.
  • Maintain your bank details along with account numbers.